Chirhostim for pancreatologist



In order to identify and diagnose early onset pancreatic disease, pancreatologists need to be aware of a variety of diagnostic methods, which include advanced imaging techniques and more accurate pancreatic function testing.


Pancreatic Function Testing

Secretin has become the “gold standard” for Pancreatic Function testing, providing accuracy in diagnosis.

In performing a secretin pancreatic function test, a healthcare professional places a tube down the throat, into the stomach, then into the duodenum (upper section of small intestine). Secretin is inserted and the contents of the duodenal secretions are aspirated (removed with suction) for about an hour and analyzed.


MRCP gives very good imaging of the pancreas and does not use radiation. In addition to visually clarifying and sharpening images, SMRCP turns static images into dynamic images with pancreatic stimulation in order for pancreatologists to be able to observe pancreatic function and fluid flow in a fasted patient (Merkel E. Am J Gastroenterol 2006).