Embark on a journey with us as we unveil our latest endeavor to REDISCOVER ChiRhoStim®! In an era where humanity is venturing back to the moon over half a century after our initial voyage, we at ChiRhoClin invite you to join us on a mission to celebrate the unparalleled benefits founded twenty years ago from the creation of ChiRhoStim® (Human Secretin for injection).

In tandem with mankind’s return to the moon, we at ChiRhoClin are embarking on our own odyssey of re-innovation. Our mission? To REDISCOVER ChiRhoStim® by introducing past and prospective clients to its myriad applications and the widespread availability of this groundbreaking diagnostic tool.

ChiRhoStim® (Human Secretin for injection) is administered intravenously to stimulate the release of pancreatic fluid and bicarbonate, primarily used in diagnostic testing. From ERCP to EUS, ePFT to MRCP, to Gastrinoma testing, ChiRhoStim® plays a vital role in uncovering insights for gastrointestinal and pancreatic specialists. Moreover, its proven efficacy in pediatric and adult patients makes ChiRhoStim® a go-to aid for pancreatic disease and cancer testing.

But our journey doesn’t end there. We are continuously charting new territories in close collaboration with researchers to expand the indications of ChiRhoStim®.

The time is now to REDISCOVER ChiRhoStim®! To join us on our celebratory mission, please contact ChiRhoClin Inc. at:

📞 877-272-4888

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