Burtonsville MD August 3, 2021

ChiRhoClin today announced its Board of Directors has unanimously elected

Skip Edward Purich, MBA, VP from Assertio Therapeutics and former Chief Operating Officer (COO), to succeed Dr. Edward D. Purich, the founder of ChiRhoClin, as CEO effective August 2, 2021.

Dr. Edward D. Purich will transition from his current role as President and CEO to the Chairman of Board of Directors. “It’s been an honor to serve ChiRhoClin as the CEO for 30 years,” stated Dr. Purich.  “We have accomplished many innovations in collaboration with pancreatic researchers.  Science has always been my driving force.  However, now is the right time for a leadership change, and Skip is the right person to guide ChiRhoClin. He will be a fantastic leader as we continue to advance our growth strategy while also navigating the market dynamics of the COVID-19 pandemic and through the coming era out of the pandemic.  Skip is an energizing leader who has an unwavering commitment to serving the pancreatic community.  With over two decades at ChiRhoClin, Skip has developed an extensive knowledge of the industry and has demonstrated an ability to build and grow businesses.  With Skip at the helm, we are poised to deliver the next generation of growth.  I look forward to collaborating with Skip as the Chairman of the Board.”

Skip Purich joined ChiRhoClin in 2001.  He holds an MBA from UMUC and undergraduate degree from Bethany College.  Over that time, Skip has worked with the FDA, NIH, NIDDK, CMS, Manufacturers, Wholesalers, Distribution Centers, Marketing, Clinical Departments, Sales, and Laboratories.  Skip has worked tirelessly to build and maintain relationships with the medical community.  He understands the nuances of the orphan drug community and rare diseases. 

Skip has successfully launched two orphan drug products to market.  He also was a former co-owner of a Laboratory service company.  Finally, he holds several medical use patents.

“It is extremely important to me to continue to support the gastroenterologist, pancreatologist, radiologist, and the pediatric community.  There is tremendous potential collaboration with these communities and I look forward to assisting in finding new products, services, and addressing patient’s unmet needs together.  Now is a time for expansion, and exploring new business opportunities and indications.  As I take a moment to reflect, I am grateful for the Board’s support and eager to get started on the next ventures for the company and to reach out to the pancreatic community leaders,” stated Skip Purich, new CEO of ChiRhoClin.

ChiRhoClin, Inc., a Maryland based family run corporation founded in 1991 by Dr. Edward D. Purich, is a research and development oriented pharmaceutical company focused on developing orphan drug products for the gastrointestinal and radiological community.  Our emphasis is to develop orphan drug products that will diagnose and treat pancreatic gastrointestinal diseases and encourage research in the pancreatic area through our small pancreatic grant program.

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If you would like more information on ChiRhoClin, Inc. or our new CEO, please visit www.ChiRhoClin.com, call 1-877-272-4888 or Email spurich@chirhoclin.com.