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ChiRhoClin, Inc. is thrilled to be a sponsor for the third annual Camp Hope, a summer camp specially designed for children and young people suffering from pancreatitis and post-total pancreatectomy with islet autotransplantation (post-TPIAT). These painful diseases can often limit patients’ ability to participate in daily activities, making the idea of overnight summer camp unimaginable.

But this is where Camp Hope sheds light on new possibilities. Founded in 2021 in partnership between The National Pancreas Foundation and Rebecca’s Wish, Camp Hope provides a free retreat for young campers and volunteers suffering from pancreatitis. For many, this is the first opportunity to interact with others who share in their diagnosis and unique challenges.

I love Camp Hope because I got to meet other people like me and I’m able to have fun and be a kid,”

Kennedy Headlee of Arizona

An onsite medical and psychosocial team from all over the nation, allows campers to be safely cared for while experiencing the newfound independence of sleepaway summer camp. For medical staff who are used to seeing pancreatitis patients in their respective institutions, this is the only time they are able to see them laughing and playing.

Bearing witness firsthand to how difficult pancreatic disease is on these kids, watching them enjoy life at Camp Hope is a true honor. Time spent with these kids is an investment in their future – I highly recommended volunteering at Camp Hope.”

Christie Heinzman, RN, Nationwide Children’s Hospital and Camp Hope co-Lead RN

Camp Hope will be held at Morgan’s Camp, an ultra-accessible camp located in San Antonio, Texas from June 10-14, 2024. This year, there will be 75 campers representing 24 states. “Camp Hope has grown from 50 to over 150 attendees, traveling from 30 states,” said Jenny Pagel-Guile, executive director, The National Pancreas Foundation. “This shows not only the impact Camp has had on campers and our volunteers, but the passion that the volunteers have in the program to dedicate their week to our campers.”

At ChiRhoClin, we know how crucial it is for young patients to have the chance to be themselves without the restrictions of this painful, chronic disease. Camp Hope is unique in helping patients thrive outside of a hospital setting. We’re thrilled to support Camp Hope’s essential mission now and into the future,”

Skip Purich, CEO of ChiRhoClin, Inc.

If you would like to join us in sponsoring Camp Hope, please visit to learn more.

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