Every year, on the third Thursday of November, organizations around the world come out in droves to observe World Pancreatic Cancer Day. Around the globe, people paint their cities purple with stories to raise awareness, their voices joining together in remembrance of those who inspired us to live and hope for a brighter tomorrow,

This year, the World Pancreatic Cancer Coalition’s message encourages communities to “get to know your pancreas”. Whether its you or your loved ones affected by this disease, it’s time to learn the risks and symptoms of pancreatic cancer. Thus far, there is no early detection test, so every moment matters in the fight against this illness.

The World Pancreatic Cancer Coalition, including the Lustgarten Foundation, PANCAN , the National Pancreas Foundation and many others are doing their part to bring awareness by talking to family and friends about this disease. It’s about time you raised your voice to advocate for more attention, more patient support and more research.

Four our part, ChiRhoClin continues to support research and funding, as well as continuing to spread awareness on using ChiRhoStim for the Secretin Stimulation Test, which, according to the National Cancer Institute, “may be used to help diagnose problems that affect the pancreas, such as pancreatitis, cystic fibrosis, and a type of pancreatic tumor called a gastrinoma.” On World Pancreatic Cancer Day, let’s all work together to make time. To make a difference.